Ballerina variations w/ Margot - December 16 - 1:15pm - €30

Join Margot for an exciting Spinning Pole workshop next December 16 at 1:15pm
This 90-minutes workshop is dedicated to Ballerina variations, a favorite among many poledancers.

During this workshop, you will have the opportunity to explore the grace and elegance of Ballerina variations on a spinning pole. You will be introduced to a range of unique spins, seamless transitions, and stunning poses that mirror the poise and finesse of a ballerina. To fully enjoy and benefit from this experience, it is important to feel comfortable on a spinning pole and have a solid foundation in pole dancing.

When? Saturday December 16. Take-off at 1:15pm
Level? Not suitable for total beginners, previous experience w/ spinning pole is a plus
Cost? €30 - no refunds
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Marleen Cousin
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