How to become an Antwerp Pole Ninja

Everybody needs to start with the basics (aka beginner classes). In these classes, you will get familiar with the hardcore basics of pole dance. Once these are a piece of cake, you can evolve to the next group/level where we start teaching pole dance moves, pole tricks and pole combo's.
Starting moments are September, January and April. 
Usually, there's room in several groups of a non-beginner level and you're welcome to join these anytime. Check our schedule for more information.

Current series (first trimester) started monday September 19. People on our waiting list were notified and could subscribe from September 5th on.
Autumn series will consist of 13 weekly classes and cost you €280. January series will start January 9, 2023 and pole newbies are invited to subscribe from December 12 on.
Click here to read all about our extra long autumn series of 2022.

Send us a message if you are interested and want to join our classes. 

Marleen Cousin
+32 479 59 66 28
Oudaan 14
2000 Antwerpen