How to become an Antwerp Pole Ninja

Having a former experience as a pole dancer? There's room in several groups of a non-beginner level and you're welcome to join these anytime. Check our schedule for more information.
Can't make it to class and have a dance pole at home? Register for an online class with us at €10 per class. 
Just register through mail 12h before class and receive a link in order to participate. Easy-peasy...

As an absolute beginner, we strongly advise you to start with the basics (aka beginner classes). In these classes, you will get familiar with the hardcore basics of pole dance. Once these are a piece of cake, you can evolve to the next group/level where we start teaching pole dance moves, pole tricks and pole combo's.
Starting moments for pole newbies are September, January and April.
Pole newbies are invited to register for the extra beginner series in July and August. Mail us to register for the waiting list.

Autumn series run from September 23 till December 20, 2024. Notice that classes at Poledance Antwerp are being taught in Dutch or English, depending on its participants.

Contact us if you are interested and want to join our Antwerp Poleninja Tribe. 

Marleen Cousin
+32 479 59 66 28
Oudaan 14
2000 Antwerpen