Pole Straps with Maaike - Saturday October 12 - 1:15pm - €45

Pole-enthusiast and in for something new? 
Why not giving this unique discipline with pole straps a try? A long strap to hang on is being installed on top of the dance pole. Combining the dance pole with a strap offers numerous possibilities for new combos and a gorgeous flow. In this workshop we'll start with the basics and evolve into different tricks and combos. 

Day? Saturday October 12
Time? Take-off at 1:15pm, ends at 2:45pm
Level? Beginner-1 and up. A previous experience with pole straps is not required. Bring wristbands!
Cost? €45 pro participant

Register here. Your registration will be confirmed after transferring €45 to our account IBAN: BE30 7360 4412 9711, BIC: KREDBEBB. No refunds

Maaike van Santvoort (insta @maaike449) used to practice acrobatics and synchronized swimming.  She has been pole dancing for 10Y now and teaches since 2015. Her personal style are creative pole combos combined with breathtaking shapes. Artistic combos of different pole tricks are her favorites. On top of this she loves to go upside down. Pole straps caught her attention 2Y ago. Maaike likes to compete with her duo partner Hanka Venselaar. They won the Dutch pole championship and ended as first runner-up in the World championship in 2021. A year later they won Pole Theatre UK. In 2023 they ended 1st as well in the Dutch as the World Elites Championship. Earlier this year they won PoleArt Italy together. Their duopole workshop is scheduled after this workshop (starts at 3pm).

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