Valentine workshop duopole - February 17 - 1:15pm - WAITING LIST

Ready to level your doubles poletricks up? Poledance Antwerp instructors Aurora and Margot at your service!

What to expect from this 90 minutes workshop?
We’re looking at more unique and intertwined duo tricks, tried on both static and spinning. Usually duo tricks consist of a base (the person carrying) and the flyer (the person doing a trick with the help of the base). On top of that we will advice you to switch it up and try both roles.
Not only out of safety reasons we will especially focus on creating flawless entries and exits in and out of tricks. Thus we can adapt to creating longer combos and appreciate more than just the trick but also how we got there.

Date? Saturday February 17, starting at 1:15pm till 2:45pm

Level? Intermediate 
We expect you to master your poleclimb and invert and to feel comfortable in leghangs (gemini & scorpio) and laybacks (cross knee & cross ankle). Figurehead is not unknown.

Cost? €25 pro participant. No refunds. Waiting list from now on.
Register with your pole buddy or solo: we'll team you up with another participant. 

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Marleen Cousin
+32 479 59 66 28
Oudaan 14
2000 Antwerpen