Classes at Poledance Antwerp in 2020 - 180 Euro

Due to the corona threat, our studio was put in lockdown by the federal government on March 12. We did re-open on monday June 15, with an adapted post-corona scheme which takes all safety protocol measures and decisions of the National Safety Council into account.
Under 'normal' circumstances you can subscribe for a series of classes at Poledance Antwerp. A complete series consists of 10 classes + 1 back-to-back class of 75 minutes each. Classes are on a weekly base. Exceptions are the miniseries 'Exotic Pole' & 'Spinning Pole' on wednesday.
Cost of a complete series: 180 Euro. Adjusted prices for miniseries and flexclasses. We don't offer loose classes nor drop-in classes, unless explicitly mentioned. 

From September 2020 on, classes at our studio could be scheduled as followed: 

monday: 7pm, intermediate-2 - 8:30pm, advanced
tuesday: 10:15am, intermediate-2 - 11:45am, beginner-1 - 7pm, intermediate-2
wednesday: 8:30pm, miniseries exotic & spinning pole
thursday: 6pm - 7pm - 8pm, poleflex & -strength, all levels
friday: 5:30pm, beginner-2 - 7pm,  beginner-2

Antwerp Poleninja's will evolve to the next level after finishing their current series. However, everything will depend on how the covid-19 pandemic evolves.
A new series of classes will run from September 14, 2020.

Contact us for more information.

Marleen Cousin
+32 479 59 66 28
Oudaan 14
2000 Antwerpen