Monthly Open Training - saturday pole dates - 3pm till 5pm - €10/hour - non-members of our studio will be charged €15


When? April 2nd, 3pm till 5pm - May 7, 3pm till 5pm & June 4, 3pm till 5pm. Extra practice moment July 2nd, 2pm till 3pm!

€10/hour. Non-members of our studio will be charged €15/hour. Our poles will be at your service for 2 hours that day. 

What to expect?
You book, come in and train as you like. One of our instructors will always be at hand to guide and spot you when necessary. 
Warm-up, preparation and training are at your own responsibility, this is not a class that is being taught. 

In order to keep it safe, registration is necessary. Register here and transfer the amount due to our studio account: BE18 7370 5945 3565. Don't forget to mention the saturday of your choice.

Marleen Cousin
+32 479 59 66 28
Oudaan 14
2000 Antwerpen