Pole Instructor Refresher Day - October 1st - 11am till 5pm - €125 (lunch included)

Our studio will be hosting the one and only Cindy Cooijmans saturday October 1st. That day she will kick-start your memory with loads of pole instructor data. 
Don't know Cindy yet? Read more about her below... 

What to expect?
Are you a pole dance/pole sports instructor, willing to get the most out of your students and yourself as a teacher? If you want to keep on challenging your students and aim to keep your classes updated, this refresher day is your go-to. Cindy's mantra is knowledge is power! If you're passionate about something, you will love to be challenged and learn new stuff all the time.
Over the last years, Cindy took on to several international pole instructor courses. You will be reminded of loads of tips & tricks for teaching. The day itself consists of a 6h class, divided into a theoretical and a practical part. The goal is to motivate you, make you add creativity to your teaching and get the most out of yourself as an instructor. We allow 8 participants.

Location: Poledance Antwerp studio at Kavka, Oudaan 14, 2000 Antwerp.
Timing: kick off at 11am, checkout at 5pm. A light lunch will be offered to all participants. 
Confirm your subscription by paying €125 upfront on our studio account: Poledance Antwerp BV: BE18 7370 5945 3565. Make sure to mention 'Course October 1st'. No restitutions.

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Who's that girl? 'Mijn passie is lesgeven en mensen zien groeien. Al sinds mijn 18 geef ik allerlei soorten groepslessen. Inmiddels geef ik al 16 jaar paalsport. Mijn motto is Knowledge is Power! Ik heb in de loop van de jaren vele opleidingen in binnen- en buitenland gevolgd om zoveel mogelijk kennis op te doen (oa Pole Fitness all levels, Xpert, IPDFA all levels inclusief master trainer, ElevatED Level1 en 2, Vertical dance kids trainingen, alle IPSF cursussen en Poleinstructortraining.nl), workshops & lezingen gegeven en gejureerd all over the World. Naast het maken van de Pole Move Box, werk ik als vrijwilliger bij de IPDFA en IPSF. Elk jaar volg ik minimaal 1 ‘pole’ cursus en hou ik mijn EHBO-reanimatie en Sport EHBO bij.'
Accomplishments: Pole industry person of the year 2017 by United Pole Artists, 4 star instructor Pole Dance Community en Ambassador for Pole Fitness Association America.

Marleen Cousin
+32 479 59 66 28
Oudaan 14
2000 Antwerpen