Dan Does Flanders - 17 en 18 september - 13u15 - 15u - 16u45 - 60 Euro per workshop

Door alle lockdowns en andere corona-shizzle heeft het 3 jaar geduurd. Maar in september 2022 heten we Dan Rosen terug welkom in onze studio in Antwerpen!!
Dan komt op zaterdag 17/9 naar Poledance Antwerp, en op zondag 18/9 gaat ie naar Studio noXcuse in Gent.
In ons aanbod: drie verschillende workshops (lees verder voor details).

Prijs: €60 voor elke workshop afzonderlijk. Er is nog 1 plaats vrij in workshop 3. 
Inschrijven voor de Antwerpse workshops doe je hier

Workshop 1: Dan's Favorite Combo's - 13u15 tot 14u45 - wachtlijst
'This class will cover Dan's favorite combos which may have been seen in some of his performances. He will adapt the combo to each level of student to make it fun for all in class. Students are welcome to give moves which they like to do or would like to learn and Dan will try to help you create a combo around this trick. So not only will we get to learn Dan's combos, we will also get the techniques to learn how to make our very own combo's with moves which we love.
This is a fairly advanced class so for this class you will ideally be working towards air inverts, shoulder mount, superman, extended butterflies and Gemini/Scorpio's.'

Workshop 2: Intermediate - 15u - 16u30 - wachtlijst
'In this workshop Dan will be working on spins and intermediate tricks. The aim of the class will be to give you the confidence to move in and out of moves effortlesly. (Because there is no point doing a trick if it is not gorgeous, right?) He will be showing you techniques to increase your strength and flexibility so that you are ready for the advanced moves which you will be aiming to achieve in the future. Dan specialises in moves which not only look great, but moves which are achievable. Don't miss out on this opportunity to learn some new and interesting tricks.
For this class it will help if you are able to do or working towards intermediate moves such as - basic invert, gemini/scorpio and butterfly. It will also help if you are comfortable with most spins.'

Workshop 3: Stripper School - 16u45 - 18u15 - nog 1 plek beschikbaar
'For those people who like to get down and dirty with the pole this class is for you. This is a routine class which will put your sexy side to the test. Come and get filthy on the pole with Daniel and enjoy one of his signature stripper school routines which he will teach us in this 1.5 hour class. This class is suitable for all levels and includes some basic pole but is more floor work based. Things you will need for this class: Heels, Bottle of water, towel and knee pads (leg warmers are also fine to use as kneepads)'

Marleen Cousin
+32 479 59 66 28
Oudaan 14
2000 Antwerpen