Exotic hard met Xena - 3 april - 13u15 en 15u - 25 Euro

Op zaterdag 3 april komt exotic queen Xena (aka @xenapolewarrior) naar Poledance Antwerp om één van onze Exotic Saturdays te vullen.

Xena begon 6 jaar geleden te paaldansen en 3 jaar later startte ze als paaldansjuf. In 2017, ontdekte ze exotic pole en in 2018 begon ze lessen te geven in deze discipline. Ze heeft ondertussen een eigen stijl die ze 'Cardio exotic' noemt. 

'As my exotic pole experience wasn't good, I feel passionate about teaching Exotic Basics from scratch. I love working on details, flow, lines and control. My goal is to make exotic pole accessible and satisfying for everyone.

Twee workshops:

13u15 tot 14u45: Exotic Beginner Flow
Very soft, easy, but detail-oriented choreography. We will learn a lot of basic things: how to keep beautiful lines and steady movement in heels, how to make transitions as fluid as possible, how to train the ankle stability 
Level in pole: at least 5 beginner classes
Level in exotic: ok for first timers and for exotic babies who have started recently 

15u tot 16u30: Exotic Hard
My style is explosive-cardio-fun exotic on an upbeat music. No big tricks, just fast and edgy transitions. 
Level in pole: Inter 1
Level in exotic: being able to walk steadily in platform shoes

Kostprijs: 25 Euro per workshop, per persoon. Beperkt aantal deelnemers omwille van covid-19.
Inschrijven doe je hier

Marleen Cousin
+32 479 59 66 28
Oudaan 14
2000 Antwerpen